Maths Club

As part of the work planned in our school development plan, the first edition of a maths club was held over a number of weeks. The sessions were planned and organised by Ms Annalise Magro, our Maths support teacher with the collaboration of Mr Aquilina and the year 5 & 6 teachers.

Fire Engine Visit

On Friday 13th May members of the Civil Protection Unit visited our school in a fire engine. The importance of reducing the risk of fire was stressed to the students. Finally the students got a chance to be firemen…. Thanks to Ms Gabriella and Ms Ilona for making this possible.


The year 5 classes visited Lija primary where they participated in an activity called OlyMaths. They had four different sport activities which were related with maths.  This means that children used resources such as: stopwatches, trundle wheels, measuring tapes and graph papers to calculate and record each other’s results. Thanks to the PE teachers, the Maths support group and all involved.

K2.2 -IWB fun and more

interactive games on our whiteboard..children enjoy it so much!!

our palm print birds….

K2.4 – Ms Jennifer

a glimpse of our work……

Sound Meditation!

Kinder 1.2 had a guest visitor who helped them explore the concept of meditation through creating / listening to different sounds.

Meditation gives young children the feeling of being quiet and still. It gives them time to breathe and imagine, and lets them know that it is okay to have feelings. By training young people to focus on one thought, sound, or breath at a time, meditation teaches them how to stay in the moment, where they are safe. On a more subtle level, children learn patience, kindness, acceptance, and generosity from meditation

Apart from some of the benefits mentioned it is most importantly… FUN!

Using Nintendo

Ms Lara Grech, our  IT support teacher has demonstrated the use of nintendo in the classroom by conducting several lessons with different year groups. These are the write up that year 4.2 have compiled after the hands on activity.

Cooking Time

Cooking in our nurture class…yummy apple pies!!

Field Day – Years 1-3

B.Ed students from the University of Malta have kept their annual appointment and organised a field day for students in years 1, 2 & 3 as part of their coursework. Thank you for all your work. Thanks also to the class teachers and LSAs who helped in the smooth running of the event. A special thanks also to all the parents who attended this activity.

What have we been up to?

some of the finished products….