In A Flutter – Year 2.1

Learning about Maltese butterflies

Open Day – Yr 4 (Use of Tablets)

On the 23rd May, an open day was held at our school  for years 3  & 4. The topics discussed were Journal Writing and the Use of Tablets. Parents of year 4 students had the opportunity to take part in a hands on activity in the classrooms along with their children.

Yr 2.2 : Something Fishy

Learning about shallow-water creatures found around our shores.

Yr 1.3 – I promise

Learning about hedgehogs

A National Seminar

Ms Gabriella Xuereb  who works as a KGA in our school, was chosen to represent our college in a national seminar organised by the National Literacy Agency. The aim of this seminar, which was held on Friday 12th June, was to share good practices in early childhood education. During her presentation, Ms Gabriella talked about the child friendly methodologies she employs in her classroom and shared some of her ideas with the audience.

Yr 6 trip to Gozo

On Friday 9th June our year 6 teachers organised an educational outing to Gozo for their students. They visited Ta’ Kola Windmill, Ggantija Temples, Cittadella and they had lunch together in Marsalforn. Surely an experience to remember…

Yr 5.2 Out of Africa

Our class tackled the topic of birds’ migration (Out of Africa), as part of the Dinja Wahda project. Making use of the Birdlife website (, we discussed the migration process of a variety of birds and students were encouraged to imagine that they were in the birds’ position. Students thought about what these birds might be thinking throughout the migration process and wrote captions about this. These are some photos of the students carrying out this task.

Yr 5.1 – Out of Africa

Learning about migration

Yr 1.1 Sparrow in a Spot

Learning about sparrows…

Yr 1.2 – I promise

Learning about hedgehogs and how we can help them….