Dinja Wahda 2017 – f-ANT-astic (K1.2)

Environmental Day

Some photos from our Environmental Day Activities at Ta’ Qali Park

Teaching Maltese to Migrants (Ms Lara)

Some of the activities we have been doing:

Students  using Maltese to English dictionary to find new words in Maltese. – Students use such dictionaries in several other activities.

Easter ‘ Selfies’ – using a healthy snack [ popcorn] for an Easter craft.

Discussing different colours in Maltese.

Show and Tell activities.

Yr 6.1 – Esplora Outing

Recently our year 6 classes visited the Esplora Science Museum in Kalkara. It was a hugely entertaining educational outing as can be seen from this slide show.

Teaching Maltese to Migrants

During the past weeks Ms Lara Tanti Farrugia, has been supporting migrants in the learning of Maltese. Below are some examples of the work being done.

In this video year 4 students [ a student from Greece ( Dorde) and another one from Italy ( Gabriele) ] recorded their voice and it was added to this video about the weather. (to see video please click on the link below)

It-temp (1)

In this video year 2 students recorded their voice and it was added to this video. (to see video please click on the link below)


Maths Open Day (6.1)

Our school has organised the latest open day for students and parents attending our year 5 & 6 classes. Parents and students had the opportunity to participate in hands on Mathematics activities in the classrooms and in the yard. The parents also had a talk related to Mathematics. A special thanks goes to all participants, to the class teachers and LSAs and to Mr Aquilina and Ms A Magro who coordinated the event.

Here are some photos taken during the day:

WEEE Trolley at Msida Primary

Click on link below to view poster

St. Theresa College Art Work

Carnival day in our class

Enjoying ourselves after exam week during carnival day…

Carnival Day in class

Carnival related crafts activity during carnival day…

Midday break clubs

During the first five weeks of this term, a new initiative was undertaken at Msida Primary when 5 clubs were organised during the midday break for year 5 & 6 students.

The clubs were: Badminton (Ms C Borg); Dance & Keep Fit (Ms S Sultana); Traditional Games (Ms A Parnis); Belly Dancing (Ms G Xuereb) and Language Games (Ms R Fenech). Below are some photos from the Language Games Club.