Ġnien il-Pjanti Maltin

Our year 4 students took part in the inauguration of this project. Click on the link below to view a media report on the event.


An original story by Rebecca….

The Lost Dolphin

By Rebecca Bartolo (Year 3.2)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Charlotte (Lottie to her friends). Lottie was nine years old and she knew how to swim perfectly. Lottie’s family was quite rich, because they had a pool, two horses and stables, a Lamborghini (her Dad’s), and an enormous house! Lottie’s younger sister was always happy no matter what happened, and her name was Ellie.

One day, (Ellie’s 6th birthday) Ellie asked her Mum and Dad if she and Lottie could go scuba diving together while they were sunbathing (they always go to the beach for Ellie’s birthday). Mum and Dad looked at each other until Mum said “Sure, but be very careful my pumpkins!” So off they went.

When they got to the other side of the beach, they waited for the person who told them what to do to come. While they were waiting, Lottie said “Ellie, do you think we’ll see any sharks, or Dolphins?!?!” “Of course! The water is so clean, we might even see a blue whale!” Ellie replied.

The man came and put their tanks on, told them every detail of what to do, and they went off. They could still talk, but not so clear. Ellie then said “Lottie! Lottie! Can you see that stingray in the seaweed?!” “Yep!” Lottie did the shortest answer she could.

After a few minutes, Lottie said “Ellie, do you feel a tingly feeling?” “Yes, and our equipment is disappearing …” Ellie replied, worriedly.  Then, they transformed into mermaids! “Oh my gosh, Lottie!” Ellie said “We’re mermaids!” they chorused. “We must be the luckiest people on earth!” Lottie said.

They continued swimming until Ellie flicked her brown locks “I hear something, almost like…” “A dolphin crying?” Lottie suggested. “Yeah!” Ellie said. They sprinted forward and they saw a baby dolphin, crying while mumbling “I want my mommy” and “anybody, help”. Lottie said “hi, what’s your name cutie?” “I’m Shelly, you?” “Oh, I’m Charlotte, call me Lottie.” Lottie replied “And I’m Lottie’s younger sister, Ellie.” Ellie continued. “Thank you for coming, pretty mermaids. I’m lost, well, because a shark was chasing me and I was swimming away, now I’m lost” Shelly said, her eyes full of tears. “It’s ok, we’ll help you find your mommy, won’t we, Lottie?” Ellie said, “Of course!” Lottie replied.

Off they went to accomplish their mission when Lottie combed her blonde waves with her fingers, “Ok, Shelly, where about do you live? Coral Reef?” “Yeah, turn left at Coral Reef, then straight, and my house is the first house” Shelly replied, while her skin was glowing in the sunlight.

They followed Shelly’s instructions and finally, they were right in front of Shelly’s house. Ellie knocked, no reply, Lottie knocked, no reply, Shelly squeaked a little rhythm, and Shelly’s mum came bursting out! “MOMMY!” Shelly exclaimed. “Oh Shelly, I’ve been worrying about you!” Shelly’s mum said, her eyes full of joy.

“Well me and Ellie have to go, it’s been two hours since we’ve come, sorry but, anyway, have a terrific time!” Lottie said. She and Ellie transformed back how they were before. Everyone got what they wanted.

And oh, I forgot! They lived happily ever after…

Crowning of Our Lady

This year the Crowning of Our Lady was organised in a slightly different way. This all classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 participated in this event. A short procession was held. A good number of parents participated in a spontaneous manner making this event a truly successful one.

Yr 4.2 : Postcards

Today children wrote a postcard to a friend telling them about their holiday in London. Then they designed their own stamp and a picture showing a place of interest in London overleaf.

SDP Seminar – 24th May 2016

As a school we held our annual SDP seminar on Tuesday, 24th May 2016. The first part of the day was devoted to sharing good practices about literacy and numeracy. Later we evaluated the work done according to the action plans included in the school development plan for 2015/2016. Afterwards, all staff members were allocated to working groups to discuss themes which will feature in the school development plan for 2016/2017.

K1.3 : Water Pollution (up to you)

Through this activity children learned about the effect of water pollution on creatures of the sea.

Watching a videoclip about water pollution to help the children understand what the activity is about.

Putting some oil (oil with cocoa powder) into the clean water to see what happens. Asking the children if the water is still clean and if they would drink or swim in it.

Putting some fish and polar bears made from cotton wool into the water and discussing what happened to them.

Putting some feathers in the water to see what happens to the birds and ducks that go in the water to drink and have a swim.

Leave the cotton wool and feathers to dry and see if they can move and also if they get clean again.

KG 2.2/KG 1.1&1.5 : f-ANT-astic

Through this activity children get an early start on learning to respect all creatures, however small, as they observe the fascinating ways of ants.

Below is a write up by KG 1 classes: Since ours are 3 year olds visuals are important so we made a PowerPoint with the pictures provided from birdlife plus a few more to create the story about the ants. Then we told them the story.

We even sang the nursery song ‘The Ants go marching one by one’

The children then painted the masks, stuck them on cereal boxes and the eye holes were cut out.

Now it was time to look for food.

Then it was out to look for ants

Year 6.3 : Sea Chains

During this activity students learned food chains. Taking the sea as an example of a habitat, students created food chains to highlight how creatures depend on each other for food. Ultimately human action can have a negative effect if these finely balanced food chains are disrupted.

Yr 3 : Round Robin

The robin is an annual visitor to our island. Year 3 students have learned more about this popular bird and they also created a robin mobile to hang in the classrooms.

Yr 5.2 : Out of Africa

Bird migration is one of the wonders of nature. Millions of birds, annually, fly long distances (thousands of kilometres) to reach their breeding grounds. Students in year 5 carried out a number of activities to learn about this marvel.