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College Well Being Policy

Parents are urged to follow this link to view the College Well Being Policy.  Here you will find all the information you need regarding this very important aspect of school life.

All the College Policies can be viewed at this link:   St. Theresa College Policies

Healthy children are happy children.

New Books for Our Library

We are committed to increase the number of books in our library.  Recently new books have been added to our collection. New books have been bought by the school and a number of books have been donated by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta. We are grateful to the support we receive from this organisation.

Books donated by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta

More new books added to our library

Learning through attendance!!

Our KG pupils are being engaged everyday in an interactive activity designed by our IT teacher Ms Lara Grech. Through this activity, pupils identify their names and drag them to the appropriate places marked ‘present’ and ‘absent’. Pupils are quickly learning to identify their names and the names of their peers!!

Well done to all!

Let’s get Moving Day

Last Monday, we inaugurated Let’s get Moving Day where all primary school children enjoyed and took  part in physical activities designed by one of our PE teachers.

Students are also enjoying the new playground which was refurbished last summer.


we firmly believe in the importance of reading…thus we are trying to make full use of the reading resources available through the following initiatives:

  • we have opened the school reading room and students from years 4 ,5 & 6 are being encouraged to borrow books which they can read at home. This will bolster the Take a Book Home initiative already in place.
  • Years 1, 2 & 3 are taking part in the initiative Aqra Kemm Tiflaħ thanks to the support offered by the National Literacy Agency.
  • Storytelling and Shared reading are featuring regularly in the timetables.
  • New reading books have been bought for year 4 with the aim of introducing guided reading in this year group.


We welcome you to a new scholastic year…..We hope to keep you updated with what happens in our school through this blog.

My Special Friend

Year 6 students got creative when they designed bookmarks of their favourite nature’s gem. Through this activity, the students became more aware of the fact that these creatures need our protection. Through slogans written on the bookmarks, the students hope to pass this message on to others.

Up to You – Pollution!

An interesting activity about sea pollution and how fish suffer from it was organised for K1.4/5 pupils and is described below.

1. The pupils watched an introductory clip.

2. The practical activity was introduced and explained.

3. Some oil and cocoa powder was poured in the clean water.

4. The water is not clean anymore!

5. Fish made of cotton wool were put in the water.

6. It could be seen (and explained) that the fish cannot swim in the dirty water and will die.

Making a Bird Table

Pupils from KG1.3 embarked on this do-it-yourself project!

Planning our bird table using Active Inspire Software on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Collaborating together in order to assemble it.

Painting it.

The finished bird table in our school yard.

Vanishing Homes

This activity was about Maltese habitats and how humans affect these habitats and as a consequence affect the creatures that live in them.

Through a slide show this topic was introduced to year 5 students

Then the students played  The Vanishing Home Games – an experience which helped them understand the topic better.

Something Fishy

Year 2 pupils have learned about some of the common but beautiful shallow water creatures around our shores by watching a video and participating in an interesting game. we are also sure that, through this activity, the pupils have developed respect for these creatures.