The postwoman

Ms Yolande the postwoman visited our school!

Last week Ms Yolande came to our school to tell us all about her job as a postwoman.

She wore a grey uniform with a big, red bag and some comfy shoes as she does a lot of walking!

She told us that she collects all the letters and parcels from the post office early in the morning and puts them in her big, red bag.

She then visits lots of houses to deliver all the letters and parcels.

Thank you for coming Ms.Yolande.

We loved having you in our school.

Social Studies Outing to Valletta

Some photos from the Social Studies fieldwork carried out by year 6 students in Valletta.

A Maltese Lesson

A Maltese  lesson about demonstrative pronoums “din”, “dan” u “dawn”. Children had to find things in the classroom and label them.

Yr 4 Social Studies Outing

Some photos of children learning and finding out more about their village by means of the Social studies fieldwork (which is also part of their exam)

A Christmas Craft

We are busy preparing our Christmas tree decorations from reusable materials.

Making a Sandwich Toast

An Outing to Wasteserv

As part of our work in Social Studies, an outing to Wasteserv facilities in Marsascala, was organised for year 6 students. During this visit the students had the opportunity to experience what they had studied about waste management and recycling.

Flusi F’Idejja

Some photos from this event for years 5 & 6..Thanks to all who were involved in the organisation of this event.

Watch Our Flowers Grow!

At the start of term we planted small flower bulbs in a little patch of soil in the garden and have been looking after them ever since.

We check on them every few days, give them water and check on their growth progress. We can’t wait till they bloom!


“Yesterday the students in my class were invited to bring some cereal to school and we all had breakfast in class.  As a follow up activity, the students were encouraged to write a few sentences in English about this activity” – Ms Melanie