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College Well Being Policy

Parents are urged to follow this link to view the College Well Being Policy.  Here you will find all the information you need regarding this very important aspect of school life.

All the College Policies can be viewed at this link:   St. Theresa College Policies

Healthy children are happy children.

NSTF competition

We are proud to announce that a student from our school Afrodyta Kannabus has won first place in the NSTF Science Art Contest. Well Done!!

Gymstars outing

On the 27th March, our year two students participated in sports activities at the Gymstars facilities at Tarxien. The outing which was in line with our aim of promoting sports activities was a resounding success.

Year 2.2 special assembly

On Friday 20th February pupils from 2.2 presented a power point about lent as part of the special assemblies programme. It was an ideal subject with a very effective message to all students. Well Done!

special assembly

Last Thursday, 5th February it was our turn to organize a special assembly. We had fun preparing this song together. It was called All The Children of the World.

KG2 – mini sports day

Teachers from the Sports Promotion Unit have recently visited our school to organise a mini-sports day for KG2 students. Children took part in several activities which help improve the students’ motor skills and coordination. Another similar activity had been organised during the first term.

Irriċikla għall-Istrina

As one of the 97 schools participating in this campaign we have helped raise 15,000 euro for the Malta Community Chest Fund.

Over 7 million plastic caps were collected from the different schools totalling nearly 22,000 kg of caps.

This substantial amount of plastic has been diverted from the landfills to be recycled.

Look at what we are doing!

Current role play area: Our weather station.

The cameraman taking photos of the weather forecaster.

Observational drawings of a sky with clouds;

Creating the cloud installation as a collaborative project;

Practising fine hand motor skills;

Year 3 visit to Simar

As part of their social studies syllabus, year 3 students paid a very interesting visit to the Simar Nature Park in Xemxija.

Christmas Crafts

These are pictures of some of the crafts done during the christmas season with recycled material such as sawdust, cereal boxes, toilet rolls and ribbon.

These photographs show some of the activities going on in our Nurture Class. Photographed activities vary from Structured, Free Play Sessions, Smoothies, Torta ta’ San Martin, Whole Class Activity (Kindergarten 2 – shapes activity using bread), Christmas Activites (Christmas Tree using toilet paper rolls), Gulbiena, and The Rainbow Fish Activity.

Such activities promote group work, collaboration amongst the group members and sharing while learning some basic day-to-day skills (cooking).


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