WEEE Trolley at Msida Primary

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St. Theresa College Art Work

Carnival day in our class

Enjoying ourselves after exam week during carnival day…

Carnival Day in class

Carnival related crafts activity during carnival day…

Midday break clubs

During the first five weeks of this term, a new initiative was undertaken at Msida Primary when 5 clubs were organised during the midday break for year 5 & 6 students.

The clubs were: Badminton (Ms C Borg); Dance & Keep Fit (Ms S Sultana); Traditional Games (Ms A Parnis); Belly Dancing (Ms G Xuereb) and Language Games (Ms R Fenech). Below are some photos from the Language Games Club.

Science Experiments

This week we have been learning all about the water cycle and rain falls that we get in the Winter season while having fun through science experiments.

Our first experiment was observing what happens when a cloud gets full of cold water….it rains!

Our second experiment was observing the water cycle and its different stages: evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

Year 2 Esplora Outing

Photos taken during this educational outing to the Science Museum.

A Fireplace

The children during one of the activities we do in class. They are having fun working together to create a fireplace in our class.

A Christmassy Homework

Last weekend the students in my class were given a different type of homework.  Students were invited to carry out some of the Christmas activities listed in the worksheet given.  These are a few photos of some of the things the children did during the weekend.  I was also lucky to get some goodies 

the homework task, advent calendar,

Kayden presenting a handmade Christmas card to his friend Shaun,

a handmade Christmas card I received,

one of the students made Christmas cookies and coconut balls and brought some to share,

- a Christmas wreath

Planting Ġulbiena

Recently the children planted ‘ġulbiena’. They are following the growth of the plants regularly and water them when needed.


Some of the cooking activities we did in class. The children made sandwiches with their favourite shape cutter and faces on crackers.