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College Well Being Policy

Parents are urged to follow this link to view the College Well Being Policy.  Here you will find all the information you need regarding this very important aspect of school life.

All the College Policies can be viewed at this link:   St. Theresa College Policies

Healthy children are happy children.

Food Fun!

Making sandwiches. The children made sandwiches from different shapes that they chose, and then they made different figures with them.

Milied Flimkien Campaign

Members of the students’ council represented our school in the opening ceremony of the national campaign ‘Milied Flimkien’ by attending a mass at the St. John’s Cathedral in Valletta. They were accompanied by Ms S. Ungaro, Head of School and Ms M. Zahra KGA.

Charity Fun Run

On November 28, year 3 students participated in a charity fun run organized by St Theresa Girls secondary. Well done to all!

Learning about shapes through food

food experiments

​Paper Plate and Food Colouring  Experiment:

The students had panna and food colouring. The student needed to put the panna in the paper plate and mix the food colouring, then rub it with their hands in order to feel the texture of the panna.

Tin Foil, Soap and Milk:

Some milk was put in the tin foil. Food colouring was added. The students started to mix it together, after some time  soap was added and the students had to notice that the colours start to spread apart.

Volcano Experiment: A bottle of Water, Baking Soda, Food Colouring, Vinegar, Glitter:

A bottle of water was given to the students. They started mixing baking soda, food colouring and glitter. After some time they started throwing in vinegar little by little in order to see if there will be a volcano eruption.

Cabbage Experiment: Cabbage, Food Colouring, Baking Soda, Water

Water was poured in the cup, afterwards some baking soda and some food colouring were added to the water. The students had to test the cabbage in the mixed water to see whether the cabbage will take colour or not.

Year 2 maths trail

Year 2 children enjoyed doing maths activities at the San Anton kitchen gardens.

Take a look at what students in year 1 are doing in class:

children’s work….

Learning Fun

In our class, the children are learning through the different activities and having fun as can be seen from this slide show.

Exploring our senses

What’s that smell? Let’s find out what KG1.3 have been up to….

whats that smell