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Saint Theresa College – Commitment to Excellence
Dr. Francis Fabri – College Principal


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College Well Being Policy

Parents are urged to follow this link to view the College Well Being Policy.  Here you will find all the information you need regarding this very important aspect of school life.

All the College Policies can be viewed at this link:   St. Theresa College Policies

Healthy children are happy children.

Students’ Work

Year 5 students in Ms Sylvia’s class have been busy creating PowerPoints to share with their classmates.  Click on the link to view them.  Presentations have also been uploaded on iLearn so that pupils may access them from home.

Sinonimi Malti


Nomi kollettivi

Past Tense

Present Tense



Singular u Plural

Merit Day

On Monday 29th April, we had Merit Day at our school.  Each year group teamed up to produce one performance.  Everyone enjoyed the show and the children all did their very best to make the day truly memorable.  The teachers’ professionalism could easily be seen in the way they had prepared their children,  giving each and every child  the chance to shine on stage.

Merit Day in Kindergarten classes

On Friday 26th April the parents whose children are in Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 came to school to watch their children receive a certificate of merit.  It was an opportunity for Kindergarten Assistants to show the parents what their children are learning at school.  Every parent enjoyed the moment their children received  certificates for their accomplishments.

KIDANE visits our school!

Kidane’s journey from Africa to Malta was described by  visuals and performances by a formidable team from the Jesuit Refugee Services (Malta) during an interactive  presentation held recently in the school hall for Years 4, 5 and 6.  It is the story of a refugee whose journey for freedom  put him in great risks.  Kidane had endured  fear and perils of all sorts.  The aim of the whole activity was to make our students conscious of  what it means to be a refugee.  An exhibition was also put up by the team, and a book narrating the story of Kidane was distributed free to all students.


Friday, 8th February was a special day for our children.  They all came to school in their carnival costumes.  The School Council organized activities in the Hall.  The children danced and paraded on stage in their colourful costumes.  Then they had a Samba routine.  Everyone had fun and to end it all we drew the names of the raffle winners.  The prizes were delicious prinjolata.

The Christmas Concerts

This year’s Christmas Concerts were fabulous. All the teachers worked hard to bring out their pupils’ many talents and present them in the best possible way on stage.  The parents appreciated every item and applauded enthusiastically  to both the teachers’ and the children’s efforts.  All the presentations, from Kindergarten to Year 6 ,were all linked in one way or the other to the curriculum.  In one of the Year 5 classes what started as a creative writing exercise ended up as a stage performance about a lazy Father Christmas and his reindeer who decided to go on strike!  Some of the plays were entirely in English and this showed that children are quick to learn if they enjoy what they do.  Whether it was a mini musical, a play, caroling or dancing, it was a celebration of the children’s holistic development – children who are self-confident and able to work together as a team.

Literacy Blogs

Parents are urged to to follow these links: and   At these Blogs you will find a wealth of useful information and resources which are currently being used in our schools.  Children need to have constant reinforcement of what they are learning at school before they can assimilate the skills they are being exposed to.  The parents’ role here is vital since the more practice children get the better the outcome.

Mathematics Fun Day

The Mathematics Support Team organized a fun day for parents, students and teachers to give hands on practical ways of making numeracy fun.  We use mathematics all the time and everywhere and parents were made aware of these situations to help them consolidate their children’s numeracy competences.

If parents wish to know more about how they can help their children with mathematics they can go to where they will find important information and resources.

An educational visit to Għammieri

Last Thursday, 29th November, our Year 2 teachers took their pupils on an educational outing to Għammieri.  The teachers had been delivering their lessons on animals in class and now the children were going to come face to face with some of the farm animals they had heard so much about.  The children asked questions and were visibly excited as they were briefed on the way animals are cared for the benefits we get from them.  Back at school they worked on various activities on the subject.

Book Reviews

In an effort to give children that love for reading which is so important for literacy development, our teachers are always looking for new ways to motivate children. Ms. Romina Fenech in Year 6  told her students to write a book review on their library book.  This novel way of presenting their work motivated students to do their utmost and produce an excellent piece of work.