My Hobby

 My father taught me how to ride a motorcycle when I was 6 years old.

On Saturday afternoon I help my older brother to load the motorbikes on the pick-up truck.  We also prepare the helmets and riding gear. I always wear full protective clothing when I ride my motorcycle.  Then my father takes us to Pembroke or Burmarrad Valley and we ride all afternoon.

When I grow up I would like to be a motorcycle racing driver, or a jet-fighter pilot!!

 By: MARK MAMO, Yr 5


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  • Ms. R. Borg Magro


    I never thought a boy of your age would be so much interested in such a hobby as motorcycling. I think it runs in your family. The other day I read some information re motorcycling on a journal and I will make more research on the subject. Just wanted to tell you that all your photo shots uploaded by Ms Barbara are good, but I think the fourth one is the best.

  • Daniel James Cassar

    Motocycling is the number one hobby for the Mamo family. I know the whole family and they all love motorcycles. Even Mark’s mum Gabriella drives them! I wish them all many happy hours on their motorbikes.

  • Keep it up Mark. It’s a very interesting sport and I’m sure you will do great when you start competing in the future :)

  • prosit hej il kugin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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