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Open Day – Yr 4 (Use of Tablets)

On the 23rd May, an open day was held at our school  for years 3  & 4. The topics discussed were Journal Writing and the Use of Tablets. Parents of year 4 students had the opportunity to take part in a hands on activity in the classrooms along with their children.

Yr 4 Social Studies Outing

Some photos of children learning and finding out more about their village by means of the Social studies fieldwork (which is also part of their exam)

Yr 4.2 : Postcards

Today children wrote a postcard to a friend telling them about their holiday in London. Then they designed their own stamp and a picture showing a place of interest in London overleaf.

Using Nintendo

Ms Lara Grech, our  IT support teacher has demonstrated the use of nintendo in the classroom by conducting several lessons with different year groups. These are the write up that year 4.2 have compiled after the hands on activity.

The Magic Potions

something was brewing recently in year 4.2 as the students wrote their magic potions.  The lesson followed three steps: first the students watched a power point presentation and later they wrote their own recipes for their own magic potions. The work was edited by the students themselves before it was displayed. This work is currently displayed in the school’s downstairs corridor.


Friday, 8th February was a special day for our children.  They all came to school in their carnival costumes.  The School Council organized activities in the Hall.  The children danced and paraded on stage in their colourful costumes.  Then they had a Samba routine.  Everyone had fun and to end it all we drew the names of the raffle winners.  The prizes were delicious prinjolata.

A visit to the Senior Citizens’ Home

At this time of year our children visit the Senior Citizens’  Home.  It is an annual appointment that the residents eagerly await.  The children sang Carols and then distributed gifts made by them during PSD sessions.  There was also plenty of time for a chat with these people who really enjoyed  the company of these youngsters.

Fun Walks at Buskett

Our students are being introduced to the pleasures of rambling in our beautiful countryside by being taken for Fun Walks.  This month Year 4 and Year 6 students were taken to Buskett where they could enjoy the beauty of nature while getting some fresh air and healthy exercise.  The students came back to school tired but excited. Hopefully these good practices will be taken up by parents.  This would give them the opportunity to spend some quality time with their kids and  set the example for a Healthy Lifestyle.  Life is too precious to  spend it all cramped up in front of a computer.

Special Assembly

Dun Karm is our National Poet and a Special Assembly was held to commemorate the 50th Anniversary from his death.  Teachers held  lessons in class highlighting the various aspects of this great poet’s life.  Then the children’s work was exhibited in the school foyer.  Years 5 and 6 were actively involved in today’s Special Assembly.  They shared what they had learned in class with the whole school and sang  Reġa sebaħ ja Mulejja and The National Anthem.  Finally, an attractively illustrated book featuring some of the most appealing poems was given to every student. 

Merit Day for Years 4, 5 and 6

Today Friday 17th June, was Merit Day for Years 4, 5 and 6.  Everyone enjoyed the event and the students did their very best to make it a success.  The performances ranged from puppet shows to dancing to music recitals.  Recorders have been a great hit at our school and children could be heard early every morning playing these instruments while waiting behind the school gate.  This Merit Day was also a farewell to our Year 6 students.  Many of them were in tears as they watched a slide show featuring photos of them thoughout their school years at Msida Primary.  This was followed by short speeches by the Head of School and the College Principal.  Then certificates were presented to all the students and book prizes were awarded for Academic Excellence.