Yr 5.1 – Out of Africa

Learning about migration

Yr 1.1 Sparrow in a Spot

Learning about sparrows…

Yr 1.2 – I promise

Learning about hedgehogs and how we can help them….

K2.1 – I Promise

Learning About Hedgehogs

Teaching Maltese to Migrants (Ms Lara)

The first picture shows an activity about time and students showed different hours with their hands whilst saying a Maltese rhyme about time. In the other pictures, Year 5 and Year 6 students performed CPR on a dummy by following the six steps of CPR as instructed by the First Aid instructor.

K2.2 : F-ant-astic

Yr 4.2 : Sea Chains

Laerning about food chains

Yr 3.2 : Round Robin

Learning about robins…..

K2.3 – Fiks in Trouble

KG 1.2 – Healthy Eating

This week we learnt all about healthy eating and how fitness and exercise are also important for our bodies.

During the cooking activity children learnt about the importance of hygiene while handling food and were able to follow given instructions. We also had a great time discussing what we liked on our pizza but most of all we enjoyed the final results!