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Book Reviews

In an effort to give children that love for reading which is so important for literacy development, our teachers are always looking for new ways to motivate children. Ms. Romina Fenech in Year 6  told her students to write a book review on their library book.  This novel way of presenting their work motivated students to do their utmost and produce an excellent piece of work.

Learning through play

Our Numeracy Support Teacher Ms. Maria Spiteri organized a series of numeracy activities for Year 1 and Year 2 children.  Continue reading ‘Learning through play’

Reuse and Create

Last week the  hall was the busiest spot in the whole school as children and parents visited the Exhibition LET’S RECYCLE and also had the opportunity to buy books at the BOOK FAIR.  Continue reading ‘Reuse and Create’

Special Assembly

Dun Karm is our National Poet and a Special Assembly was held to commemorate the 50th Anniversary from his death.  Teachers held  lessons in class highlighting the various aspects of this great poet’s life.  Then the children’s work was exhibited in the school foyer.  Years 5 and 6 were actively involved in today’s Special Assembly.  They shared what they had learned in class with the whole school and sang  Reġa sebaħ ja Mulejja and The National Anthem.  Finally, an attractively illustrated book featuring some of the most appealing poems was given to every student. 

Kinder drawings

The children in our Kinder section were thrilled to see their drawings on the front page of Junior News.  These drawings were part of class projects on Fruit and  Spring.



Please, click on the pictures to get a more detailed view.

Mother’s Day Concert

The Mother’s Day concert which took place in mid-May was a celebration of children’s talent.  Each year group prepared a performance and mothers enjoyed watching their children take part.  All the children took part in singing and dramatization and they all did their very best to perform well.

Happy Easter Everyone

Pupils at our school have been doing Easter craft for quite some time.  From Kindergarten to Year 6 everyone has been busy creating the cutest chicks and bunnies.  Continue reading ‘Happy Easter Everyone’

A cool T-shirt

This T-shirt was designed by Mikela Marie Cassar who is in Year 3.  First she drew the design on sand paper using wax crayons.  Then she transferred the design onto the T-shirt by ironing the sandpaper right side down.  This student chose to draw the environment she would love to have around her:  trees and flowers everywhere, clean and healthy.

Green Calendar Winners


  Three children in Ms. R. Bonett’s Year 2 class,  were among the 12 lucky winners of the Green Calendar Competition organized by MEUSAC . Continue reading ‘Green Calendar Winners’