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Our School won the EMBED TROPHY

On Friday, 13th May, an award giving cermony was held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.  Our School was awarded a Trophy for the best use of ICT.  All our staff from Kindergarten Assistants to Year 6 teachers,  Complementary teacher included, took part in this competition with various projects.  They were helped by our eLearning teacher Ms. Antonella Giles. Ms. Gauci, on behalf of the school, was presented with a trophy by the two Director Generals.  Ms. R. Bonett won a separate award for her class project.  She was presented with an iPod.  Well done everyone!


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A literacy lesson

After listening to the story Spot’s Playtime, these Year 2 children drew a picture about their own favourite toy and wrote a sentence to describe it. During the second session together, the children showed their pictures to their peers, read out their sentence and took a photo of their drawings using a digital camera.

These photos were inserted in PhotoStory and for the third session, they were recorded reading out their sentences. The end result is a short movie with the pupils describing their favourite toys.     Click on Our Toys to view this movie.

eLearning and having fun

In this Year 2 class,  children were introduced to the topic Fruit through a video song found on youtube.  Then, they drew their favourite fruit on the Interactive Whiteboard and wrote a short sentence using the special pens provided.

During another session, the pupils were recorded reading their respective sentences and this was then inserted in PPT to create a PPS with the children’s work.  Click on Fruit Yr2 Ms Bonett to view the children’s work.

Wordle Pictures

Wordle Pictures

Embed 2010

 Year 4 Lime and Year 4 Blue are participating in Embed 2010 for Best use of ICT with their class blogs.  The blogs were created by the teachers Mr. D. Bonnici  and Mr J. Borg respectively. Pupils are being encouraged to contribute by sending their own work: creative writings, experiences, pictures or photos. 



All Year 5 and Year 6 pupils were introduced to blogs this year by the school’s eLearning Teacher.  Pupils were shown how to upload their own writings on to the Primary School Blog found on the Skola Portal (http://skola.edu.mt/).  They were also shown how to search for pictures related to their writings and then to insert them in their posts.  The aim of the sessions was to familiarise children to blogging and to  engage them in creative writing in a more innovative way. 

 You can view the students’ work on these links.
 All these classes are also participating in Embed 2010  for Best use of ICT.