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Literacy Blogs

Parents are urged to to follow these links:  http://malti.skola.edu.mt and http://literacy.skola.edu.mt.   At these Blogs you will find a wealth of useful information and resources which are currently being used in our schools.  Children need to have constant reinforcement of what they are learning at school before they can assimilate the skills they are being exposed to.  The parents’ role here is vital since the more practice children get the better the outcome.

Book Reviews

In an effort to give children that love for reading which is so important for literacy development, our teachers are always looking for new ways to motivate children. Ms. Romina Fenech in Year 6  told her students to write a book review on their library book.  This novel way of presenting their work motivated students to do their utmost and produce an excellent piece of work.

Thematic Teaching

The Gingerbread Man was the theme around which the teacher developed her literacy lessons.  Continue reading ‘Thematic Teaching’

Drama-Literacy Project

At the beginning of this scholastic year the College Principal asked the drama teacher, Ms. Daniella Micallef, to co-ordinate a project that would amalgamate literacy with drama.  The main aim being that of  involving children with different abilities in a project that has its inception in the children’s creative minds and is realized on stage by the composers themselves.  During the first term Year 5 children from the four College Primary Schools were divided into groups of five and given the task of  coming up with a story.  The drama teacher helped the children choose one story for each class.  These stories were turned into drama productions with art teachers helping the children to create colourful props.  At our school Year 5.1 staged the play Il-Qarnita  (The Octopus)  and Year 5.2  produced  Ir-Renju tal-Ħalib u l-Ġbejniet  (The Cheeselets and Milk Kingdom).

Slideshow of  Il-Qarnita (The Octopus)

Slideshow of Ir-Renju tal-Ġbejniet u Ħalib (The Cheeselets and Milk Kingdom)