Dinja Waħda 2019 – I Promise

Ms Chanel’s Kinder 1.4 children, Ms Rose’s Kinder 2.2 children and Ms Marcelline’s Year 1.2 children learned about hedgehogs that live in our countryside.  With the help of a Powerpoint, among other things, they learnt what hedgehogs look like, what they eat, what are their habits and where they live. Children also learned how these creatures often fall victim of actions we humans do.
At the end of the activity children cut-out and coloured the I Promise Card and Hedgehog Car Pendants all aimed to promote awareness about these wonderful creatures.

The Powerpoint the children watched and discussed can be downloaded from Birdlife’s website by clicking here: Maltese Version or English Version

The I Promise Card and Car Pendant templates can also be downloaded from Birdlife’s website by clicking here : Templates