Dinja Waħda 2019 – My Special Friend

Ms Romina’s Year 6.1 class students had a very interesting lesson about flora and fauna that live in the Maltese islands.  In the lesson they had the opportunity to discover three plants (Maltese everlasting,  The Maltese rock centaury, The Maltese pyramidal orchid) and seven animals (the weasel, the fresh water crab,  the swallowtail, the Maltese wall lizard, the painted frog, the blue rock trush and the Scopoli’s shearwater) that can be found in our small island.  To conclude the lesson the students prepared bookmarks with slogans they invented themselves aimed to create awareness about these living things.

The Powerpoint with information about the 10 Maltese animals/plants can be downloaded from Birdlife’s website by clicking here: Maltese Version / English Version

The posters for colouring can be downloaded from Birdlife’s website by clicking here: My Special Friend Artwork