Dinja Waħda


The Dinja Waħda primary programme is based on an Action Guide given to all teachers and coordinators in Malta and Gozo. The guide contains interactive activities, tailor-made for the Maltese context and is accompanied by a wealth of online resources and posters.

Through the activities, children learn about nature, habitats, the environment, and our relationship with it. Most activities are school-based but some involve visits to places of natural interest. Each activity carries points and at the end of each year, participating schools win either a gold, silver, bronze or merit award according to successful completion. 

We are very proud to announce that our school has won the prestigious Gold Award for the 3rd consecutive year!

If you want more to know more about the Dinja Waħda programme you can get more information by clickimg on the Dinja Waħda logo at the top of the page which will take you to Birldlife’s Dinja Waħda website.